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Auto-Complete Code with AI

With minimum effort, you can use AI help to complete code on Windmill, and gain time, skills and reliability.


Codeium is a code acceleration toolkit built on AI technology. In particular, Codeium has a free browser extension that works as a code completion assistant.

Here is how to install the extension on Chrome (details here):

  1. Install the extension.
  2. Sign in to Codeium using an e-mail or Google.
  3. If it works, you should see the Codeium extension turn green.
  4. To have it work on Windmill, add it to your Codeium allowlist:
    • Click on Codeium extension icon.
    • Select Open Options Page.
    • In the Allowlist, write https:\/\/app\.windmill\.dev\/.* (or your domain, if self-hosting).
    • Save Allowlist.

Now you're good to have Codeium suggest code in Windmill's code editor (scripts, flows, apps).

The code will auto-suggest, and if you like it, press on tab to accept.

You can help it by giving proper functions names:

Or by writing comments:


Please note that the code suggested by Codeidum is not specific to Windmill and therefore does not necessarily meet its requirements (exposing a main function and declaring dependencies in the same file).