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How to Use Windmill

Windmill is fully open-source. Therefore, we want it to be as easy to use as possible.

Self-host Windmill

You can choose to self-host Windmill on your own servers.

Windmill's GitHub repository contains all the necessary files to run Windmill locally, or to self-host it.

We encourage Docker-based deployments, and provide a docker-compose file to help you get started.

For detailed information, follow the Self Host Windmil tutorial.

Use Windmill Cloud

Windmill provides a Cloud App that everyone can use.

You can sign-up using your GitHub, GitLab, Google, Microsoft or email. No Credit Cards required and we will spare your inbox.

Any user will be provided with 1,000 monthly executions from our Free plan and added to the Demo workspace. From there, users can create workspaces for free and create scripts, workflows and UIs.

And if you feel like it, upgrade for unlimited executions.