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Run on a Schedule

Windmill allows you to define Schedules for Scripts and Flows. Once a Schedule is defined, it will automatically run the script at the set frequency. Think of it as an easy-to-use CRON scheduler that you can share with other users.

A Schedule consists of a Script or Flow, its arguments and a CRON expression that controls the execution frequency.


If you're not experienced with CRON syntax make sure to use

Creating a Schedule

To create a Schedule, go to the Schedules page on the side menu and click on New schedule.

Schedule creation

Toggling the Schedule

Schedules can also be disabled from the Schedules page. Once disabled, the schedule will not run the script anymore and will clear any upcoming runs:

Disable schedule

Upcoming runs

Once a Schedule is defined and enabled, the next occurrence of the script will be listed on the Runs page:

Scheduled job