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Truly Open-source and self-hostable

Internal apps, integrations and workflows in minutes using minimal scripts(yours and from a curated library)

Open-source alternative to Pipedream, Airplane and simplified Temporal. Self-hostable AWS Lambda

- Chain Typescript (deno), Python scripts and SQL in low-code flows
- Compose from a curated community library of scripts intuitive to non technical users too.
- Single scripts can also be turned into standalone apps
- Replace all your serverless and workflows infra.
- Open standard and portable JSON spec for flows: OpenFlow

Backed by

Examples of flows

  • HN mention => Slack
  • Expense OCR => Slack
  • UI/Webhook => Ban a user
  • Compute activity analytics => slack
  • Sign up a user in the database as a backend endpoint

Whom it is for

Individuals and small Teams

Solo dev or as part of a small nimble team, increase your productivity ten-fold using Windmill for all your workflows, integrations and serverless endpoints. One tool to rule them all.

Larger Teams and Organizations (especially those that require self-hosting)

Collaboration features and tight permissioning makes Windmill scale gracefully with the size of your team. If on-premises deployment is a technical or compliance requirement, Windmill is easy to self-host. We can provide SLA around support, on-prem installation and setup as well as training for your team and conversion of your existing workflows.

SaaS that provides automations, and no-code tools

Build your tool and automation service or feature on top of Windmill. We have done all the hard engineering so you do not have to. If you are non open-source, contact us to get a commercial license.

All-in-one platform to power your entire backoffice

serverless runtime + autogenerated UI to share your app + flow builder + schedules + secrets + groups + permissions + OAuth integrations + ...

UI? Done

UI is autogenerated from script parameters and flow inputs

Make it Flow

Scripts are standalone apps that can be reused and chained as building blocks to create more complex Flows


Trigger scripts and flows using cron-like schedules, or via an automatically generated webhook

OAuth integrations & external apps

Connect to external apps using any OAuth providers or API keys

Granular Permissions & Approval flows

Credentials are tightly permissioned to users and groups. Ask approvals as a step of your flow

Deploy from Github & Exportable Workspace

Sync with Github and version your flow and scripts externally if needed

Powerful webeditor with code intelligence and preview

Use your IDE or use ours, the web editor is powered by Monaco and LSP with a preview feature to quickly iterate


Separate credentials and sensitive values from your logic. Keep it secure and tightly permissioned

Slack commands, Webhooks, Lambda style endpoints

Trigger scripts from a slack workspace, or using webhooks. Implement your backends using the wait-for-result endpoints


Scripts are never overwritten, they are versioned


Community driven, vetted and tested. Discover, share and use scripts via WindmillHub

Performant, Scalable, production-grade

Written in Rust, minimal overhead, designed for scale and extremely reliable. Similar to AWS Lambda.

Any script with any dependency, the full power of code, without the hassle

Apps and their UI are automatically generated and continuously updated from your script parameters. Refine the UI if desired.

Develop and maintain scripts from our feature-complete webeditor or use your own IDE and deploy from Github.

The generated UI makes it very simple to expose your app to non-technical users while requiring minimal efforts to develop and maintain. Every script can be a standalone app in itself or be used as a step inside a Flow.

UI parser

Script parameters are parsed automatically to generate your app UI that you may still refine. Scripts are also transformed into no-code modules this way.

Turn scripts into shareable internal apps or complex workflows triggered by webhooks, a schedule, or watching for new events.

Your team never has to worry about deploying and managing the infra of your internal operations.

Deploy from GitHub, or write and manage your scripts directly from Windmill, or a mix of both, up to you.

Credentials and sensitive values are tightly permissioned and stored securely as secrets

See all past executions and keep track of operations with audit logs enabling you to root cause quickly any mishaps.

Define visibility, edit rights and executability for your scripts, resources, schedules, etc using groups' and users' granular permissions.

Upskill your less technical members interested in authoring scripts themselves by having them learn Python or Typescript in an accessible and integrated environment.

Flow UI

Replace all your sparely used niche tools:
We cover every use-case and to any API

We integrate with any OAuth provider to manage access and refresh tokens. If it does not exist yet, we will add it easily.

Watch for new external events using dedicated trigger scripts.

Write SQL queries as parameters of your script in a dedicated SQL editor.

Trigger scripts from slack commands, autogenerated UI, Webhooks and Schedules.

Many tools do only one thing, and are focused on one specific problem. You need to setup many different niche tools from whom you exploit only a tiny portion of the features.

Unlike other automation tools, we do not reinvent the wheel with proprietary connectors and UI, connect to any API using any standard python or typescript client or dependencies available in PyPI or Deno compatible packages.

Any python or typescript (deno) library becomes a connector. Use REST API otherwise. Hence we have more integrations out-of-the-box than any other tools.

Windmill diagram
animated overview of Windmill


Pricing plan comparison
Feature byPlansFreeTeamEnterprise

Free forever

As a free user you can create and be member of at most 3 non-premium workspaces. Best for personal uses.

10$ /mo /user

Any workspace can be upgraded to be a premium team workspace. Best for teams.

contact us


Best for orgs or teams that use Windmill at scale and/or require a commercial license

contact us
FlowsIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Automatically generates the UIIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Deploy from GithubIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Webeditor with preview and code intelligenceIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Script versioningIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
SchedulesIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Slackbot commandsIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Export WorkspaceIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Embed apps externally (WIP)Included in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
User based permissioningIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
Audit logs1 day30 days + export to storage30 days + export to storage
Group based permissioningWhile betaIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
self-hosted workersIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
SSOIncluded in Enterprise
Kubernetes setupIncluded in Enterprise
Commercial license for self-hostingIncluded in Enterprise
Cloud Usage
Scripts versionsLast 5Last 50Unlimited
Secrets, Resources, SchedulesUnlimitedUnlimitedNot included in Enterprise
Flows or standalone Scripts execution50/day500/day/seatUnlimited
Cumulated execution time limit @ 1vCPU600s/day6000s/day/seatUnlimited
Github issueIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
DiscordIncluded in FreeIncluded in TeamIncluded in Enterprise
EmailBest effortResponse within 24hResponse within 1h
Dedicated Support and Automation EngineerIncluded in Enterprise
Engineer migrating all your automation to WindmillIncluded in Enterprise

Frequently asked questions


We take open-source seriously, our full updated roadmap is public on GitHub

  • Approval module for flows (Slack/Email/Push)

    End of Q3

    Ask approval to a user or group through Slack, Email, Push notification as a blocking step of a flow

  • Embeddable Apps

    End of Q3

    Make embeddable the Flows and Scripts as javascript Widgets or IFrame to be integrated into external frontends. The widget/iframe would have 2 modes. One to be executable without sign-in as a static user and one other allowing the user to sign in directly from the widget if not already signed-in

  • Integration with 100+ OAuth providers and 1000+ approved scripts on the WindmillHub

    End of Q3

    To unlock all the compounding potential of Windmill, we will add the convenience of adding all main OAuth2 providers and an exhaustive choice of scripts in the Hub for everyone to focus solely on their custom logic.

  • SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance

    End of Q4

  • Adapter for external Queuing and Worker systems such as Kafka and AWS Lambda/Fargate

    End of Q4

    Windmill works out-of-the-box using Postgres and binary workers for the queuing and the execution of the scripts. We will provide adapters for running Windmill on top of external systems such as Kafka for queuing and AWS Lambda/Fargate for the worker infrastructure. Furthermore, Helm templates will be provided for installation on top of a k8s cluster.

  • Flow branching

    End of Q3

    Flows will be able to branch into 2 different embedded flows based on Javascript predicates.

  • Flow error handling and recovery

    End of Q3

    Flows will be able to allow handling of errors with another dedicated flow.